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Columbus Day Quotes, Wishes, Celebrations, and Controversy

Happy Columbus Day


When Christopher Columbus Day first asked about America for the first time, or you can say that he discovered America, that day is celebrated as Columbus Day. Christopher first arrived on October 12th, 1492. But this day is celebrated on the first Monday of October every year. It will be celebrated on October 10th, 2022.

This day is celebrated in North America, Latin America, and the Caribbean. This day is celebrated with great pride by the Italian-American community.

Is Columbus Day a Federal Holiday?

In 1971, it was celebrated every year in the form of the Federal Holiday. On this day, there is a holiday in all the government and private offices. This holiday is also celebrated in Italy, Spain, and South America.

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Happy Columbus Day Images


The History of Happy Columbus Day

In 1492, the Portuguese were sailing in search of gold, spices, money, and other goods, carrying them from Africa and Asia to Europe. Then Columbus thought instead of sailing around the continent of Africa, he should go west. Upon realizing this, the world is round and not flat. He took help from the Queen of Spain and began his journey in August 1492.

Columbus Day Quotes

Columbus sailed over the Atlantic Ocean thinking that he would reach Asia by October 12, 1492. But he landed on another island. Columbus explored many islands to take back the money to Spain.

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He landed his 39 people on Hispaniola, America, before asking Spain in January 1493. He crossed the Atlantic three times and realized on his third visit that he had never reached Asia. It was a continent that he did not know about.

Columbus Day Images


Columbus Day Pictures


Columbus Day Celebrations In America

The first Columbus Day was celebrated for the first time on the 300th anniversary by The Society of Saint Tammany in 1792. Since 1920, Columbus Day has been observed every year. On October 12, 1937, the first federal observance was created. In 1971, Columbus Day was declared a legal federal holiday. It has also been decided that it will be celebrated on the second Monday of October.

Columbus Day Celebration

The biggest celebration of Columbus Day is celebrated in New York. A huge parade is being organized for this. People from the community of Italian Americans celebrate it with great pomp. Celebrate Christopher Columbus’s Day on social sites and wish your friends and family. Is Columbus Day a holiday? For such questions, you can read our article.

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