Free Printable August 2022 Calendar With Holidays

August 2022 Calendar With Holidays USA

August 2022 Calendar With Holidays


Holidays are an essential part of life. That’s why we have developed the August 2022 Calendar with Holidays. We have mentioned National and International Holidays in this template, which will help you make your plans. August 2022 Calendar in which we have mentioned bank holidays.

This month starts on Monday. You can use these calendars for free, whether at home or the office. It is available to you in doc, pdf, and jpeg formats. You can use it quickly, and it is a straightforward template.

Holidays have a lot of importance in everyone’s life. Whether you work in an office or handle business, it is also essential for children and elders. It helps to freshen your mind and gives you a chance to spend time with yourself for some moments out of the tiring life.

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Free Printable August 2022 Calendar With Holidays
Free Printable August 2022 Fillable Calendar With Holidays


August 2022 Calendar With Holidays USA
August 2022 Calendar With Federal Holidays USA


International Holidays of August Month

Assumption of Mary

  • The assumption of Mary is celebrated worldwide on August 15 every year. This day is celebrated to commemorate the death of Mary and her entry into heaven.

Left-Handers Day

  • Left-Handers Day originally started in the UK in 1992. When America heard it, it also started celebrating this day. It is celebrated all over the world, but still, it is an unofficial holiday.

India Independence Day

  • India’s Independence Day is celebrated annually on August 15. No matter where he lives in any corner of the world. This day reminds how India fought with the British Empire and achieved independence.

World Photo Day

  • World Photo Day was started in 2009 by Australian photographer Korske Ara. It is an unofficial holiday and is celebrated every year on August 19. This day is for those who are very fond of photography.

World Humanitarian Day

  • World Humanitarian Day is celebrated on August 19. The purpose of this pinch is to pay respect to those humanists who have taken forward humanization worldwide. And also to remember those people who have given their lives to humanizing. Today, more than 130 million people are currently in distress and need humanitarian services of some sort.
  • Women’s Equality Day
August 2022 Calendar With Holidays Canada
August 2022 Calendar With International Holidays Canada


August 2022 Calendar With Bank Holidays
Printable August 2022 Calendar With Bank Holidays


National Holiday’s

National Senior Citizen Day

  • This holiday was declared by US President Ronald Regan and declared August 21 as National Senior Citizen Day. This is a day to celebrate and honor the senior citizens they love.

National Dog Day

  • Dogs are almost everyone’s favorite animal. People like to keep it in their houses. In the world, 57% of people have yellow pets, of which 33% of people have dogs.

National Watermelon Day

  • Watermelon is a famous fruit eaten in summer. People like to eat it very much. National Water Melon Day is celebrated on August 3 in America one of those unofficial holidays.

We have made National and International Holiday Mentions. You can plan the vacations according to those holidays by downloading them to the calendar. This printable calendar is free, and if you want to download the Next Month September 2022 Calendar with Holidays, you can do that too. First, welcome the new month with Hello August images and share them with your friends and family.

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