Happy Women's Equality Day

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Women’s Equality Day


America Celebrate Women’s Equality Day on 26 August to give respect and equality to women. The US Constitution adopted this amendment in 1920. This day is celebrated to give achievements and progress to women in various fields. A lot of struggle was done to get the goods for women in society. All this has been done to remove gender-based discrimination and to give them their place in every field. In 1920, USA women were given the right to vote.

There has been a male-dominated society worldwide, and men’s work is always appreciated. This day is celebrated to recognize women in the society of men. These are the days in which the achievements of women are celebrated, which were earlier given to men.

The day is celebrated to raise awareness about the problems faced by women in society in terms of pay inequality, equal opportunities, gender-based share, and discrimination.

Women's Equality Day
Women’s Equality Day Quotes


Happy Women's Equality Day
Happy Women’s Equality Day


History of Women’s Equality Day

Movements for women’s suffrage began even before the Civil War. In America in the 1830s, only men had the right to vote.

The first women’s rights convention was started in New York in 1848. Give your information, and men were also included in that group.

During the 1890s, the National American Woman Suffrage Association arose and was presided over by Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Idaho and Utah gave women the right to vote before the decade’s end.


Everyone celebrates Women’s Equality Day in different ways. The color purple is digested as the equality of women on international tours.

On this day, people gather together by wearing purple-colored clothes. Some women who did not register to vote to celebrate this day by registering the day.

In some places, programs are celebrated in which the achievements of women are honored. Some celebrate on social media by tagging #WomenEqualityDay.

Another way to celebrate Women’s Equality Day is to visit the Women’s Museum or check online how those women had struggled to get rights at that time, and the woman who runs her own business is self-confident. Together we can say that we are independent.

Happy Women's Equality Day
Women’s Equality Day


Women's Equality Day Images
Women’s Equality Day Images


Women’s Equality Day: Significance

Women’s Equality Day celebrates not only the victory of the 19th Amendment of America but also the atrocities of women in the society, from which they have struggled a lot to get out, such as inequality in pay, equal opportunities, right to abortion, gender discrimination.

It makes you aware of such problems. This day also honors those women who have achieved on their own.

Talking about the success story, women have had outstanding success worldwide. You will find women at the forefront in every field. Whether it is politics, business, doctors, pilots, the wealthiest people in the world, or as the CEO of a company, you will find women at the forefront.

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